T I M E C A P S U L E S *
TimeCapsules are the perfect way to capture and hold onto the big moments in life; the birth of a baby, a wedding, a farewell or a graduation. Whatever the moment is, with a TimeCapsule you can keep the memories of these milestone moments alive and fresh for years to come.  From stickers and tags topatterned papers to handy questionnaires and a journal, your nifty capsule contains all the tools you need to preserve your most precious memories.

L I T T L E   Q U O T E   J A R
The people around you say funny things, weird things, wise things, and heartwarming things that are worth remembering. Whether it’s your kids, your family members, your colleagues or your housemates who spout these wonderful verbal gems it’s worth immortalising them. With the ‘Little Quote Jar’ you’ll always have the perfect place to collect all of these spoken treasures, so they never get forgotten. This neat glass jar with a cork top comes with two little notepads and a pencil

G R O W T H  C H A R T
We can’t stop your kids from growing, but we can help you document their growth in style with the Growth Chart. With measurements in inches and centimeters and plenty of space for note-taking, the chart arrives impeccably folded with awooden device for well-designed hanging. With a subdued colour palette and trend-driven geometric design, this Growth Chart will brighten up every kid’s room. 

T R E A S U R E   T I N
Collecting sentimental knick-knacks and souvenirs is something that will never go out of style, but the dusty coffee mugs you keep them in most certainly do. Whatever you’re collecting; jewellery, old love letters, your kid’s milk teeth, festival tickets or shells from far flung beaches - save your treasures in style with the Treasure Tin!

* T H E   T I M E C A P S U L E S   L E G E N D
We would love to be able to claim this genius idea as totally ours... but that would be a lie. The truth is that the inspiration came from a very famous creative genius, none other than the fabulously quirky Andy Warhol. 

In the early 70’s Warhol continually had a brown cardboard moving box next to his desk where he’d collect bits of his daily life such as receipts, sketches, newspapers, phone messages and tissues with Marilyn Monroe’s lipstick mark. When the boxes were full he would write the date on the box and seal it. At the time of his death there were no less than 612 ‘Time Capsules’. This huge collection gives an intimate look into the life and the era of this artistic and eccentric legend, and we think it’s a pretty good idea.